About Us

The company DRÁTĚNÝ PROGRAM s.r.o. was founded in 2004. We have equipped ourselves with new technologies (CNC 3D bending machines, welding presses, straightener and wire cutter, paint shop, welding (MIG, MAG, TIG), eccentric presses, butt welding, bending presses). At present, we produce a wide range of various wire goods for Czech and foreign companies. We offer the production of bent wire products, including complex shapes, the necessary co-operations (galvanizing, chroming, painting, purifying by acid, polishing and we also offer threading, recessing, drilling, bending and other wire operations.) We offer you many years of experience with hundreds of satisfied customers and experience to literally millions of products around the world. We are happy to answer your request and immediately we will prepare a price and time offer. We produce samples for a while!!!

Since 1.1. 2008 certificate ISO 9001:2009

Since 23.6.2016 certificate ČSN ISO 3834-2:2006 - Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials- Comprehensive quality requirements